The Fascinating Journey of Shirke's Ventures and its Rise

In 2010, Kiran Shirke started Shirke’s Kitchen to enter the field of Kitchen Interior Designing. They opened their first office in Bibwewadi and currently have 7 offices in and around Pune. Shirke’s Ventures Chairman Kiran Shirke had the vision of turning this one business into a number of other enterprises. A company that began with a single showroom and limited resources has grown to become one of Pune’s leading lifestyle brands. In the near future, they hope to cover the entirety of Maharashtra. Now, Shirke’s Kitchen has become Shirke’s Ventures and is no less than a conglomerate.

Shirke’s Ventures has 4 significant businesses and around 110 employees. The eldest of the group, Shirke’s Home Studio, is managed by Kiran Shirke. 2019 saw the launch of Shirke’s Palatino Series, with Tejal Ingle serving as the Business Director. Shirke’s recently collaborated with Stosa Cucine, an Italian brand that is one of the world’s leading kitchen interior brands and added it to their Platino Series. They also have Shirke Windoors, which is run by Windoor’s Managing Director Kaustubh Hinge. Shirke’s Windoor stands out on its own since it offers customers high-quality windows and doors. Shirke’s Media, the most recent addition to Shirke’s Ventures, is managed by Abhishek Kharosekar, CEO of this media vertical. Shirke’s Media’s addition has only resulted in a two-fold increase in the brand’s size.

Shirke’s Ventures set itself apart based on three crucial factors: reliability, price, and quality. In just 12 years, Shirke’s Ventures has established itself as a household name and one of Pune’s most dependable brands. They are well-liked by designers and builders and have created approximately 12,000 modular kitchens. They firmly believe that the hearth of their houses should be constructed with love. At Shirke’s Ventures, they have a crew specifically assigned to each assignment to ensure that all of your needs are met. Although they don’t compromise on their ideals, Shirke’s Ventures aspires to establish a reputation as a brand that stands for value and Integrity.

The success of Shirke’s Ventures is not something out of the blue moon. A great deal of credit must go to the hardworking employees and management who share equal responsibility for the achievement. This Pune-based company offers an environment where creative people are welcomed with open arms and given the chance to explore and develop their craft. Many young people between the ages of 20 and 25 work for the company. This new Shirke’s Ventures generation is not just full of innovative ideas, but they are also meticulous professionals who consistently complete the responsibilities given to them.

Shirke Ventures should also be applauded for coping with technological evolution. They have not only made a name for themselves verbally but have a strong digital presence. At a time when many businesses have failed to make their stronghold online, Shirke’s has set their standards quite high. The credit for this should also go to their media vertical Shirke’s Media who are their digital partners and Mr Abhishek Kharosekar, the CEO of Shirke’s Media who has been associated with the parent company for nearly a decade.


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