Shirke's Ventures and Sahyadri Foundation collaborate on a CSR project to restore Maharashtra's biodiversity

Shirke’s Ventures, a prominent kitchen and wardrobe manufacturer with offices in Pune, and Sahyadri Devrai Foundation, a well-known environmental NGO based in Satara, have joined forces to take the necessary actions to restore biodiversity and give back to nature. Shirke’s Ventures, which includes Shirke’s Kitchen & Wardrobes and Shirke’s WinDoors, has signed an agreement with the Sahyadri Devrai Foundation, headed by celebrated actor Sayaji Shinde, to donate a portion of their quarterly profits to the foundation, which will be used to support the restoration of biodiversity in the state, as part of its CSR activity. Shirke’s Ventures will make the specified payment to the Foundation for a minimum of ten years.

Sahyadri Devrai foundation is well renowned for turning barren lands in Maharashtra into dense forests by planting a variety of native kinds of trees and engaging in other environmental activities. To restore biodiversity and contribute back to our environment and society, the MoU was signed. Every quarter, a portion of their yearly earnings will be donated to the Sahyadri Devrai charity, led by Founder and Trustee, Actor Sayaji Shinde. This movement is supported by the likes of many actors and celebrities such as Manoj Bajpayee, Nagraj Manjule, Kalpana Jagtap, Alka Shinde, Architect Mahesh Nampurkar, Taxonomist like Dr. S.R.Yadav and Dr. C.B.Salunke among many more.

“Their only goal is to plant native trees and protect them, turning arid regions back into lush rainforests.” They are a nonprofit organization that just does the straightforward act of planting forests. Since beginning its mission in 2015, the Sahyadri Devrai Foundation has visited 13 of Maharashtra’s districts. They have restored 40 Devrais (God’s Forest) so far and want to restore more. The Sahaydri Devrai Foundation has worked on CSR projects with a number of different businesses, including Emcure, Mahindra Finance, Datwyler, and Oerlikon.

Shirke’s Media performed a fantastic job of organising and planning the CSR event, which contributed much to its success. For the CSR project, Sayaji Shinde, Alka Shinde, and Mahesh Nampurkar visited the Bhandarkar office on Friday, January 27. Due to a large number of attendees and Shirke’s Ventures employees who participated, the event was a big success. The Bhandarkar Office team did an amazing job of thanking the guests and a few staff for their hard work with a pot packed with plant seeds.

Sayaji Shinde, speaking at the event, said: “The Sahyadri Devrai Foundation’s work began with the conviction that one’s first obligation should be to one’s own mother and one’s second obligation should be to Mother Earth. We all breathe the same air that trees provide for us, thus protecting them should be our top priority. To encourage everyone to plant trees appropriate to their age, we are working to raise awareness among the populace. Shirke’s Ventures and other organizations are a welcome addition to our coalition in this endeavour. This will help us in our quest to engage as many citizens as we can.”

On the occasion, Kiran Shirke said, “Shivaji Maharaj stated in his book, trees are our family, and Sayaji Sir is making that statement accurate.   We’ve always aspired to participate in social work as citizens. We at Shirke’s Kitchen & Wardrobes and Shirke’s Windows under Shirke’s Ventures decided to join Sayaji Shinde’s organization because his efforts to conserve the environment are noteworthy and because they will benefit future generations.”

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